About me

Hello and welcome to my website.

There is something quite magical about taking a natural material and turning it into something else.

Willow being a living material has a unique quality that are often unpredictable and take time to understand ,  it is this unique quality that gives each creation  its own personality. Willow is a material that has a rich history  and is used in many traditions, it lends itself to so many different uses and  is now also being used as a material for creating contemporary crafts, sculpture and art .

My names is Jacquie and I love sharing my passion for creating with others, not surprisingly  even as a young child making mud pies and dens in the garden and rose petal perfume was a favourite pastime and this love of creating has always been part of who I am. For many years I worked as a community worker and naturally used my  creative skills as a way to help other people to get to know each other, and it was with much encouragement from others that in 2006 that I decided to take the next step and started my business.

Over the years my interest have varied and interest in working with willow has grown to such a level that now it takes up much of my time.

Alongside creating my own sculptures and artwork I  also offer  a variety of workshops alongside craft experiences and activities at countryside events , fairs and music festivals as well as working on  variety of projects including creating and coordinating  lantern festivals  and public art murals.

For more details about my experience and background
For more information about my own artwork http://www.jrolls.co.uk/