Hello and welcome to JaxsArts Willow Sculptures, workshops and crafts .There is something quite magical about taking a natural material and turning it into something else.

 I first started working with willow many years ago as a materials to create  willow lanterns and paper covered sculptures this soon developed into an interest in creating  sculptural work . I create a variety of willow sculptures both traditional and not so and am happy to work to commission.

In addition to my own work I offer a variety of workshops with willow and weaving being my main focus. My experience is broad and focuses on enabling participants to develop in confidence whilst learning new skills and having fun.

I have been providing arts and craft activities within the community for over 20 years and established JaxsArts in 2006. During this time I  have provided countless workshops and activities working with many  different communities across  Hampshire and  beyond.

I also offer  willow and craft experiences at a variety of events including  countryside events , fairs and music festivals and working with communities on a variety of projects including creating and coordinating  lantern festivals  and public murals .

I  live and work in  Southampton, Hampshire  and as well as working from my home I also create my own art http://www.jrolls.co.uk in my studio space which I share with other members of the Keepers Artist Collective.

For more details about my experience and background