Willow Sculpture Workshops

willow sculpture workshops 

 Spring – Summer 2019

Welcome to my willow sculpture workshop page these   activities are suitable for adults only unless otherwise stated.  I do offer family workshops etc  which are usually provided at public events and with other organisations

The workshops  usually take place in Eastleigh / Southampton area, unless otherwise stated and can be booked via my shop. If your interested in attending a class please read the info at the bottom of the page before  booking

Pics and venue details will be available soon

March Hare

March 9th, 10am-4pm £65, (West End  Southampton)

Create a sitting  or   moon gazing hare ,an  animal steeped in  mystery and  storytelling  and  a lovely addition  to your home or garden

To book a place please visit my shop.

Workshop location 10th Itchen North (West End) Scout Hall, West End Southampton

Willow Hare 2nd Date . 13th July

Workshop venue to be confirmed

Introduction to willow sculpture  

Friday March 29th 10am – 4pm £65

An ideal workshop for anyone who is interested in creating a variety of small items. We will be making a selection of fish, birds, flowers and dragonfly’s all so cute and great for decorating your home and garden.

The workshops is taking place at  Inspired and Create  , (Art Sway), Sway , New Forest ,Hampshire.  To book a place and for more details  please visit https://www.inspiredandcreate.co.uk/

 Domestic birds

picture of willow duck and chicken

27th April 10 -5 ,£70

Create a willow duck or chicken sculpture for your garden.

The workshops is taking place at  Inspired and Create  , (Art Sway), Sway , New Forest ,Hampshire.  To book a place please visit https://www.inspiredandcreate.co.uk/

Runner Duck

willow runner duck sculpture April 6th, 9.30 – 4.30, £65

Create a runner duck or standard shape duck for your home garden

Taking place at the D@rt Centre,Wildern Lane, Hedge End Eastleigh

To book a place please visit



  Small pig / piglet workshop

pic of willow pig for workshops

18th May 10 am- 5 pm, £70

Create your own small friendly pig for your home or garden. To book a place please visit my shop

Workshop location: 10th Itchen North (West End) Scout Hall, West End Southampton


 Create a  willow heart sculpture

25th May

Something a little different and ideal for inside and outside use , or why not mount it on a plinth as a work of art.

Workshop location:t Inspired and Create  located in Sway in the New Forest.  To book a place and for more details visit www.inspiredandcreate.co.uk


Paying for the workshop .

The easiest way is to go to pay for a workshop is  my shop, if you are purchasing the workshop as a gift there is the option to buy vouchers instead.

Alternatively you can pay me bacs – bank transfer or PayPal if you prefer this option please contact me for further details .


Venue details and further information

Cancelation Policy 

Privacy Policy

What’s included in the price?

All tools and materials are included along with drinks and snacks .

If you are attending a workshop organised by me ( booked through the shop)  I  provide  cakes and refreshment,  and a light ploughman style lunch if you are attending a full day workshop

PLEASE NOTE :Workshops booked  by other organisations will have there own arrangements.

Additional information

The workshops  are designed to meet all levels of experience  and  the level of detail that you  will achieve will depend on your previous experience. If you  need advice please contact me .

Spaces  usually book up quickly if their are any spaces left the minimum notice that I require is one week to create a item using  the traditional brown willow and 3 days if you are happy to use buff willow please note that the buff willow is not suitable for staying outside in cold / wet weather.

If the workshop is full and I receive enough interest I will organise a second workshop.If the workshops do not have enough attendees to make it viable I will cancel it and postpone it to another date in such cases students will be entitled to a refund  or a place on another workshop.

Private workshops provide  occasional group bookings for friends , families etc  if you are interested in discussing this possibility please contact me. Please note that option is not always available as at certain times of the year I am extremely  busy showing my work at art exhibitions. shows etc and providing activities at  events etc

Please note that working with willow and can be tiring on the hands and may be difficult for you to do , so if you have a condition that might make it difficult to work with the material or have any  concern please contact me in advance as I many be able to assist you with using alternative materials etc

What to expect
I like to keep my attendee numbers low to enable me to provide the support and advice where as needed and limit my places to a maximum of 8 participants attending per day.

Please wear clothing that you like working in.

You are welcome to bring your own secateurs and gloves if you wish to. Further information will be provided at time of booking. Please note that each activity runs on a different day.